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Major Update for October-November 2011!!! Check This Out!

Hey guys, this is the first major update in a few weeks, and I plan on using the front page for BIG NEWS from this point, so that if you miss it, it'll still be up here. First of all, the most important thing that I'm going to talk about is the release of Panzer Dragon and Enigma Plus(+).

Panzer Dragon and Enigma Plus(+) is the name of the second arc for the entire PDE series and will also be the final arc in the series. It will introduce brand new characters and reveal the chains of events leading up to General Syn's invasion and the reasons behind the conflict. The story is much deeper, and introduces a design no one in the world of Dragoneinx would have ever suspected. It's set to release in November, most likely 2-3 weeks from now. On the day of the release, there will be an opening theme on the front page for Panzer Dragon and Enigma Plus(+) through BlueZero Studios. Be sure to check out the opening theme, which is near completion.

The Digital Daily Fix is still uploading content everyday. With the releases of Arkham City and the soon to come Skyrim, there will be buzz in the gaming community, and on this site. Be sure to check it out here:

My co-worker's site, Halflight, has also been updating, and she's been pushing a few more comics the last couple weeks. It's really good artwise, and storywise, so if you're looking for a change outside of sprites, this comic is for you!! Be sure to check it out, she's really happy about the support.

Bonus Stage Marathons is having a 72 Hour Castlevania marathon for the Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation. Our goal this time around is $1500 and chipping in has already begun. I will be there again, but I won't be participating in any games. I'll be doing commentary alongside the many people that are going to be there. It's going to be a really good time for a really good cause, and as always, Panzer Dragon and Enigma will be up and running 24/7 to answer any questions and give coverage. I'll leave the main site up here so that you guys can check it out, and it will be up for the duration of the weekend. The event is scheduled for next week, November 3-6 starting around 7:00PM EST on November 3rd. I won't be there till Friday night around 10:00PM EST but you guys should still tune in on Thursday! It'll be good times had by all for a great cause. A special shout out to Cornshaq, who runs these events: Thank you for everything and keep doing what you do man! You're awesome!

Another small point before this ends, I'm taking down the Google+ for the comic strip. I'll stick to Facebook for promotion outside of SmackJeeves, and the forums here for internal promoting.

Thanks especially to all of you that read the strip on a daily basis, you guys are truly awesome!!! I hope you enjoy the rest of the series! ^_^

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