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Nearing the Week's End with an Exposition

This update will be the start of several explaining the story behind the invasion that started this entire comic off. For the next day or so, you'll be getting a lot of information about the backstory, so pay close attention! You'll also get to see Enigma become more badass!

---As the Conflict Ends: The Finisher---
Today's Update: 659 Enrise Finalizer - Resolve and Revelations

Story So Far from #658: Enigma rushes in to protect his best friend from Syn's planned onslaught of the incapacitated hero. Syn then begins to explain his true intentions to Enigma and Panzer.

Tomorrow's Update: The last update for the week will have the exposition for the remainder of why Syn's here. You've gotten part of it now, but can you guess why he wants what he wants? 660 Enrise Finalizer - ????? ????? ????? will have the answer to that question. See you guys tomorrow!

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