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Hey Everyone!

Happy Belated Memorial Day to everyone, and sorry for missing Monday's update, but I was celebrating the day and it just flew by. But don't worry, I haven't forgotten you guys.

We've come to the next battle with Panzer and Nightwolf, which will start either tomorrow or Thursday, depending on how I decide to make it.

---The Lone Wolf and the Conflicted Dragon---
Today's Updates: 576 Enrise Finalizer - The Wolf and the Dragon Meet & 577 Enrise Finalizer - The Dragon Makes His Plea

Story So Far from #575: Panzer finally runs into Nightwolf Silver, his longtime rival, and as they exchange words Panzer makes his plea to him.

Tomorrow's Update: 578 Enrise Finalizer - ????? ????? ?????

Check out the Characters page as well for a character update: Sophie Marie Kamiya

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