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Hey Hey Everyone! Bonus Stage Marathons Continues All This Weekend

I do apologize for the late start, I had some trouble along the way yesterday, but I'm here and in one piece, ready to run 24/7 for you guys to give you updates. So far, we've got $530 for donations, and we need to reach our goal of $1500! Head over to Bonus Stage Marathons to donate to Autism, or just to check out the fun! We've got some great events coming up today, which I'll keep everyone posted on. In the meantime, I owe you guys an update from yesterday so I'll do just that. (This will be my first Saturday update in a long while.)

---Battle I: Blue Zero v. General Kuroda---
Today's Update (for 04/29): 555 Enrise Finalizer - Bringing About the Final Attack

Story So Far from #554: Both sides, pumped, prepare for their final attacks.

Monday's Update: 556 Enrise Finalizer - Calm Before the Storm

I'll be up and running all day to give you guys constant updates! See you guys soon!

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