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Sorry For Not Updating

It's been two weeks, I know, but losing my source of internet can really take a toll on publishing. Unfortunately this means that the release of the 5th Season will be delayed till 2011 which is in... 2 DAYS!!! I wager in mid January is when the 5th Season will start. In the meantime, instead of my usual method of doing multiple updates to catch up, I decided to get to a source of internet on the intended day that the next comic would be posted, which would have been a Thursday update. So, here's the Thursday update you guys! Don't worry if you think the comic is going to stop because of lack of updates. It'll take more than that to stop me.

In the meantime, you guys need a refresher... or you could just read the comics yourselves and I can give the synopsis for today.

Today's Update:
469 Shining Generation - Easy Escape

Story So Far from #468: As Pandora begins to explain what he saw in Panzer, he hears the sound of Enigma calling out to find Panzer. He abandons him, leaving Panzer to a confrontation with a voice in his mind.

Tomorrow's Update:
470 Shining Generation - Existing Darkness

Before I wrap this up, I've got some things I need to mention to everyone.
1) From this point, I'm going to utilize the auto-updating feature on occasions that I can't readily access the internet. The news updates for that day will be on the pages where the strips are posted in this case. I'll take a day out of the week and post all of them and queue them for release on their respective days. That way, even if I miss an update, I won't miss an update.

2) I'm participating in a gaming marathon for charity and I'll be playing the entire game of Kingdom Hearts with a good friend of mine. I'll be sure to leave you guys with more information about it on Monday, and a link to the page. They've got a Facebook, so I'll link it to the fanpage as well, that way you guys can check it out. It's called Bonus Stage Marathons. Chances are, the link will be in the FAQs or Scans page, but I'll let everyone know where I put the link once I do it.

3) I did do something a little fun with my lack of internet. I has a contest for the Enrise Finalizer season banner (a very small one), to see which one I'd use. I'm going to use the winner as the official banner, but I'll let you guys see all three banners that were in the contest, and for the next arc, I'm going to have two similar contest for all of you readers out there. There will be more details on that once I get everything set up.

That's about it for everything that needed to be said. I'll catch everyone on Monday!!! (Or Sunday for that matter)

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