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I'm Alive Everyone

I deeply apologize for the week of one update, but a lot of things caught up to me again, and I had to attend to them. This does not include the Thanksgiving holiday and Black Friday that took up the rest of my week, and the recovery I needed from all of that, but I digress. I know I've been missing a lot of updates lately, but I'm not quitting because of that minor setback. The comic will continue, and I've even gone as far as going ahead of everyone else again in the story. Speaking of that, the Fifth Season is underway in just a few weeks, as the last leg of this season comes to a close. The final battle to save Meridian Hill will soon begin, but first, here are all of the updates so far that I've missed:

452 Shining Generation - Mobilizing Once Again
453 Shining Generation - No Longer Playing Games
454 Shining Generation - Tired Of Everything
455 Shining Generation - Panzer's Breaking Point
456 Shining Generation - Break Through The Dream

Today's Update:
457 Shining Generation - Mental Freedom

Story So Far (from #445)

Under the impression that Blue Zero's entrance into the scene was timed too perfectly, Enigma begins to question him with Niavana, Ruxik, and Ichigo connected through his thoughts via Niavana's spiritual network. Blue Zero begins to mention that he was assigned to the task of watching over Enigma, Niavana, and Panzer from afar three months ago. Because of the altercation with the Nexx Hunters, he was given authorization to move in and come into contact with his targets. When Enigma asked why they were being specifically targeted, Blue Zero tells him that he is unable to give out the information. In the midst of the exchange, Niavana mentions that they should be looking for Panzer and sorting this out later. Without question, Enigma powers up and decides to search for Panzer again, already aware of Blue Zero's intent to come along with him. Meanwhile, Panzer, still held within his own mind, is becoming furious with the fact that the figure on the structure won't wake up, so against the wishes of Neo Panzer Dragon, Panzer draws on the power that slept inside him, dawns his sword, and cuts down the structure and the individual, despite knowing the fatal consequences it would cause for him. This action had an effect on NeoDark Panzer Dragon as well, and he fell victim to a fatal sword wound coming from inside his own body.

Tomorrow's Update:
458 Shining Generation - Freefalling

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