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So I lied when I said I'd update at 12:00PM

I did it earlier! XP Anyway, if you guys check out the fanpage, you'll know I left an update saying I would have #437 up by 12:00PM EST. Well... I'm awake so I'm doing it now! And I'm also putting in more work for the remainder of the season, so that way Season Five will be ready to go. I'm not moving as fast as I should be, but I've got an open week, so after I knock out the mountains of homework I have, I'll be moving ahead again. For the record, I'm still beating the readers by 4 comics. (Haha for author privileges) Anyway, on to today's update:

We left off yesterday with Ruxik trying to figure out why Ichigo could not see his way in thinking that Niavana was the one that needed help. But, like any person that needs to be shown the truth, someone found a way to reach Ruxik's heart and communicate with him. Niavana's words were "It's a shame you care about someone who's already been helped." What she meant by that (if no one picked up on it) is that she's covered, and the only person that isn't covered... that's thought to be invincible... is the one in true danger. After having a flashback about this, Ruxik finally saw the light, and knows what needs to be done.

Today's Update: 437 Shining Generation - Standstill

Tomorrow's Update:
438 Shining Generation - Negotiable Exchange

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