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I Know I've Been Gone For Almost a Week...

It's okay, I didn't forget about the readers. I've actually got this week's comics queued up and ready to go. Tomorrow's comic will be up online at midnight tonight, and I'm actually going to do midnight releases from now on, and just do the news updates during the day. Don't worry, you guys will get a news update tomorrow for the week's releases as well, I'll make sure of that. So a treat for you guys, I've given you an extra update, because tomorrow is Thursday and I've also given you Friday's comic, which is #425. So there will be no update Friday, but Monday will return to the regular scheduling, and I'll also be working on finishing Season Four and moving to Season Five (on my end that is, you guys won't see it for a bit).

Enjoy your early updates guys!

See you Monday!

Comics Posted: #421-425
Next Week's Update: Monday, October 4, 2010
426 Shining Generation - Darkened Breach

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