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Welcome Back, Readers!

So for those who are just checking the site today, you'll see that there's a new update up today, and one for yesterday. Yes, people, Panzer Dragon and Enigma is back to a regular updating schedule. So expect daily updates Monday-Friday again. Also, I'm making sure I remain ahead of you guys again so that I don't fall behind with making comics, but what really got me was the lack of stable internet, which I have now. Anyway, without further ado, let's recap on what's happened since my "departure" from the internet.

The Dragonenix-Destined have made it to the Rakuza Forest and have confronted and defeated Myst. At the current moment now, Panzer is locked within his own subconscious mind with Neo Panzer Dragon while NeoDark Panzer Dragon is taking on Pandora in a one on one fight. Enigma and Ruxik have a rather "pleasent" confrontation and then Enigma splits off to find Panzer. At this point, Ruxik regroups with Ichigo and Niavana, and it is at this point where our story continues.

Today's Update: 402 Shining Generation - What's The Problem

Story So Far: Ruxik and Ichigo conversate while nursing a weakened Niavana back to health.

Tomorrow's Update:
403 Shining Generation - Niavana Speaks

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