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Okay.... NOW the hiatus is over.

Too much stuff.... but I've got everything back on track and now here is the entire story synopsis from comic #253 to #286

From #253: Entering the room, Enigma finds Panzer on the ground, mentally mutilated by the darkness inside. Struggling to control it, Panzer loses his mind only for a brief moment, and the darkness inside begins to take over. Enigma continues to snap Panzer out of his state, and with continuous supportive words, Panzer finally breaks the grip and returns to normal. After a short conversation between the two, Panzer picks himself up and goes with Enigma to the main hallway, where Niavana, Ruxik, and Ichigo are waiting. Meanwhile, Niavana fills Ichigo and Ruxik in on the situation back at Meridian Hill, and the danger they face going back. While he agreed beforehand, Ruxik began to explain to Niavana that he and Ichigo wouldn't be enough to help, and tries to back out. Niavana then accuses Ruxik of not knowing what it's like to lose something close to him. After he storms off, Ichigo and Niavana begin talking, and shortly thereafter, Panzer and Enigma arrive. To quell Niavana's elevated emotions, Ichigo explains a little bit of Ruxik's past, and it is revealed that the Nexx Hunters, responsible for taking Meridian Hill and sending the Destined to the Polar Ice Caps, are also the same group that's responsible for destroying Ruxik's family. His father and mother were reportedly killed, and his little sister missing without a trace, no doubt by the hands of the Nexx Hunters. Niavana tries to be empathetic with Ruxik, but finds it hard because of his attitude and she snaps at him. Later, Panzer and Ruxik have a conversation about considering joining the cause, and as Ruxik is having second thoughts, Panzer finds a way to convince him that the cause is worthy, and that Ruxik's sister is just as important as the fight to save Meridian Hill. Meanwhile, the Nexx Hunters are planning to intercept the Dragonenix-Destined in the Rakuza Forest, with a little help...

Tomorrow's Update:
287 Crystal Revelations: ????? ????? ?????

Much more updates coming soon as well....

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