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Ok, for those of you who have noticed that the comic has hit a road block, don't not be alarmed, I do NOT have writer's block. I have just come up with a better storyline for Panzer Dragon and Enigma: The Comic Strip, however, because of the changes that I need to make, the current run of comics won't fit the new storyline. So here's what's going to happen:

1)Panzer Dragon and Enigma: The Comic Strip will be discontinued until October 1st, which will give me two weeks to set everything up. As you may know, the update schedule has always been Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. However because of the coming of the new storyline, my current update schedule will be as follows:

Sundays: Site Maintainence
Mondays: News Only
Tuesdays: Update The Links (i.e. Characters)
Wednesdays: News Only
Thursdays: Characters Page Update
Fridays: News Only
Saturdays: Site Maintainence

Then on October 1st, this schedule will be in effect:

Sundays: Site Maintainence
Mondays: News, Comics, Commentary
Tuesdays: No Updates
Wednesdays: News, Comics, Commentary
Thursdays: No Updates
Fridays: News, Comics, Commentary, Weekly Recap, Monthly Recap
Saturdays: Site Maintainence

The first comic may or may not be released September 31st, but the October 1st premiere is a guarantee! Until September 31st, the current comics that are up will remain, just so that any and all newcomers will get a taste of the style I use to make my comics, and learn what to expect in the future. Hope to have some readers at the next premiere! Thanks!

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